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One Problem/Five Questions

Leading is not without challenges and problems. I’d argue leaders are most needed because challenges and problems are inherent to accomplishing any goal. While sharing some of my own challenges, a friend encouraged me to ask myself is this the problem I need to be solving?

Presence Puzzle Pieces: Affect & Effect

Leadership presence includes behavioral (doing) and non-behavioral (being) qualities (Kerns, 2019). Leadership effect and affect are great examples of how doing and being come together as powerful pieces of leadership presence. Effect (noun): Something that inevitably follows an antecedent (such as a cause or agent); the quality or state of being operative; power to bring… Read more Presence Puzzle Pieces: Affect & Effect

Should: Paths & Dead Ends

Should: an influential word used by leaders and team members and often intended to move people in the right direction. When used properly, should provides a path to direct actions while bringing clarity to priorities. When misused, should creates a dead end leaving one overwhelmed, and sometimes paralyzed, by competing priorities. Should is not a… Read more Should: Paths & Dead Ends

The Humility Curiosity Connection

Humility and curiosity are two significant pieces in the leadership puzzle. They are connected by the importance that learning plays for each piece. Together, they create opportunities for creativity and new ideas to emerge. Caldwell, Ichiho, and Anderson (2017) describe twelve interesting aspects of humility in leadership. These include, self knowledge, teachability, and dedication to… Read more The Humility Curiosity Connection

Dear Leaders, Everything is Different Now: A Letter of Encouragement

Dear Leaders, I know some of you are exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I know you may be experiencing decision fatigue and the fatigue that comes with processing racial injustices, global/political/economic news, and a pandemic. 2020 isn’t the perfect vision you saw for yourself, your team, or community when you started making plans in 2019. Some… Read more Dear Leaders, Everything is Different Now: A Letter of Encouragement

Leadership in Moments

At some point in our journeys, we are all leaders. Apart from titles and degrees, leadership takes place in micro-level ways that have larger effects. Leadership happens in the way parents shape the dynamics in a home. Leadership happens on the playground when an isolated child is invited into a group activity. Leadership happens when… Read more Leadership in Moments

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