Jessica Harrington, MPA
Certified Executive Leadership Development & Strengths Coach
PPCC Founder

I love helping people nurture and develop their leadership potential. I believe leadership is not exclusive to any particular type of person; leadership is an inclusive calling. It lives within all of us in many ways at different times. Leadership is cultivated in community through awareness, reflection, practice, and growth. Leadership development is personal before it becomes organizational. This has been my philosophy over the last 14 years while working in higher education.

I’ve enjoyed calling out leadership in my students through advising, coaching, and developing programs for both undergraduate and graduate populations. It’s my joy to support my clients’ growth- whether undergrad, doctoral student, or new executive.

I hold certifications from The Academies as an Executive Leadership Development Coach and College of Executive Coaching as a Strengths Coach. Both programs, accredited by ICF, provided a wonderful foundation which shapes and complements my experiences engaging people in nurturing the leader within.

Coaching Services

Coaching plans are tailored to client’s unique needs. Areas of support include: finding one’s leadership voice, fostering resilience, navigating the imposter phenomenon, leveraging strengths, cultivating personal and professional values, leading through conflict, and navigating transitions.

Consulting Services

Together, we can create power to support student success and persistence. Powerful Pieces provides consulting services for higher education communities including student affairs professionals and those who work to support student development.


Powerful Pieces offers practical, engaging leadership development workshops which cultivate and inspire participants to do the inner work which uplifts, calls forth, and supports their unique leadership identities.

“Jessica coaches with an approach I call practical wisdom. I have sought Jessica’s guidance many times during my doctoral studies. I often felt I was not smart enough to achieve a doctorate, like a fraud walking the halls of my school (i.e.“imposter phenomenon”), but with Jessica’s help I was able to persevere. She gave me a set of exercises and opportunities to discuss my situation so I could not only untwist my thinking but do it on my own as I wandered through my career. Even now, in my postdoctoral work, I keep her wisdom with me to aid me in my professional journey.