Leadership in Moments

At some point in our journeys, we are all leaders. Apart from titles and degrees, leadership takes place in micro-level ways that have larger effects. Leadership happens in the way parents shape the dynamics in a home. Leadership happens on the playground when an isolated child is invited into a group activity. Leadership happens when an employee encourages a supervisor to clarify roles to improve team relations. I wonder if there is a leader in each of us waiting for someone to invite this part forward? I wonder what would happen if we realized we don’t actually need an invitation: we can lead in, with, and through the places we occupy each day.


  1. What does it mean to lead in your own context?
  2. Consider a major change or transformation you’ve experienced in your personal/professional journey. Who served as leaders to bring about this change?
  3. What does leadership look like at your work/academic institution? Do those who lead resonate with you? Why or why not?

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